Thursday, May 26, 2011

the umbrella stand

home sweet home

maskures family picture


bannanaans ænd humans, much like umbrellas, start in a stance then need an eventual resting


Friday, February 11, 2011

greatings from the no mentions!

hell H2o

is ours

the we

of a flesh commponent much like yourself ...

why wouldnt we reflect the macro of the earth being a tiny spec of a pin point floating in space harnessing many soily babys of meat decay...little organic machiner-rays of sunshine...

the love is difficult to sensor and has myriad voices that contradict cooperate progress and destroy...

one cant deny that the blissful times in a communities life are exponentially bloomed in positivity pending upon what scalding negative a tea has been swallowed the wrong way...

let it cool before the soil boil

our stories meet on a similac path as it unavoidably always does...


we're all on the same page, being fabric-rip ate-dead ænd written by the same pen


(inorder of source to ænd from source)

.. ...

the err...ummbrella

lloonmas floatkures

pealmas shedkures

skulmas fluxkures

ghotimas reelkures

hanmas maykures

Terramas Timekures

the brothersofmas suturekures

obligated to ask

gas mask?